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Our Mission

SynBioVen is a new investment vehicle launched in early 2022 focused on supporting the next generation of synthetic biology scientists, founders and start-ups.

We believe that synthetic biology will drive the next industrial revolution and the transition to a net-zero economy, with UK companies playing a leading role.

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Our unique offering

We support you right from the start

We invest early

We support exciting ideas and teams with PoC, pre-seed and seed funding.

Access to experts

From deep-tech to BD - we have you covered

Our team combines expertise in synthetic biology research,
business development and financing - ready to accelerate your journey.

Access to R&D Hub in West London

We help you de-risk and scale

Our companies enjoy support from our dedicated tech team,
access to the London Biofoundry and advice from SynbiCITE.

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Our Portfolio

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Bringing color to life

Colorifix has developed a revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact in a cost-effective manner. Using synthetic biology they produce, deposit and fix dyes biologically, avoiding harmful chemicals whilst reducing water & energy consumption and waste.


Enzymes to the rescue

Scindo develop a novel biological platform to turn low-value plastic landfill waste into high-value molecules.

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Contact us

If you are an early-stage SynBio start-up or like to learn more about SynBioVen, we look forward to hearing from you!

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