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Our Mission

SynBioVen is a new investment vehicle launched in early 2022 focused on supporting the next generation of synthetic biology scientists, founders and start-ups.

We believe that synthetic biology will drive the next industrial revolution and the transition to a net-zero economy, with UK companies playing a leading role.

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Our unique offering

We support you right from the start

We invest early

We support exciting ideas and teams with PoC, pre-seed and seed funding.

Access to experts

From deep-tech to BD - we have you covered

Our team combines expertise in synthetic biology research,
business development and financing - ready to accelerate your journey.

Access to R&D Hub in West London

We help you de-risk and scale

Our companies enjoy support from our dedicated tech team
at SynbiCITE and access to the London Biofoundry.

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Our Portfolio

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Bringing color to life

Colorifix has developed a revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry dramatically reduce its environmental impact in a cost-effective manner. Using synthetic biology they produce, deposit and fix dyes biologically, avoiding harmful chemicals whilst reducing water & energy consumption and waste.


Enzymes to the rescue

Scindo develop a novel biological platform to turn low-value plastic landfill waste into high-value molecules.


Eden Bio

ML-driven strain engineering

Eden Bio apply their powerful machine learning tools to guide genetic engineering of microorganisms for enhanced productivity.



Scaling cellular agriculture

Multus develop key ingredients for the affordable scale up of cellular agriculture.


Resurrect bio

Helping crops defeat disease

Resurrect bio invent novel technologies to enhance the immune system of crops for improved protection against disease.


Chain Biotech

Microbiome therapeutics

Chain creates novel vaccines and immuno-therapies leveraging their unqiue expertise in engineering Clostridia.


Valink Therapeutics

Modular platform for antibody development

Valink uses "building block" protein technologies to rapidly build and test libraries of drug candidates.

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Contact us

If you are an early-stage SynBio start-up or like to learn more about SynBioVen, we look forward to hearing from you!

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